To add a certification to your company, click on Certifications in the left navigation menu. On the Certifications page, click the green + icon below the list of existing certifications.

Enter the following information about the certification:

  • Certification Name - The name of the certification.
  • Group (optional) - The name of a category to group certifications in the assessment survey.
  • Provider Name (optional) - The name of the organization that provides the certification.
  • Target (optional) - The number of team members (an integer or "All) in your company that you wish to possess the certification.
  • Assess All - Whether all team members should be asked about the certification in the assessment survey.
  • Certification Details to Capture - The information that should be captured when adding a certification to a team member.
  • Certification ID - Whether to capture the number of (or identifier for) the certification.
  • Completion Date - Whether to capture the completion date of the certification.
  • Expiration Date - Whether to capture the expiration date of the certification.
  • Results - Whether to capture any results or scores associated with the certification.
  • Definition (optional) - A description or definition of the certification.

Click Add Certification to add the certification to your company.