To add a skill to your company, click on Skills in the left navigation menu. On the Skills page, click the green + icon below the list of existing skills.

Enter the following information about the skill:

  • Skill Name - The name of the skill as it should appear when searching for it, adding it to a role, assessing a team member, etc.
  • Skill Type - The nature of the skill as it relates to being something that is primarily an innate talent vs. primarily capable of being learned vs. primarily a value.
  • Assess all Team Members - Whether all team members should be assessed on this skill.
  • Skill Definition (optional) - An optional definition of what the skill encompasses. The definition will be displayed with the skill and will be utilized when searching for skills. Incorporating synonyms of the skill in the definition will result in the skill being displayed when a synonym is entered in a search.
  • Level Descriptions (optional) - An optional definition of the proficiency level for each skill.

Click Add Skill to add the skill to your company.