Our integration synchronizes the teams, jobs and team members that you already maintain in BambooHR with Teamatics. As you add, update and remove them from BambooHR, Teamatics is automatically updated, allowing you to spend your time helping your people grow, not double-entering employee information.

To set up a BambooHR integration, click on Settings in the left navigation menu. On the Settings page, scroll down to the BambooHR Integration section and click Get Started.

Enter the subdomain name used to identify your company in BambooHR. Next, select which combination of the Department and/or Division field in BambooHR you wish to map to the names of teams in Teamatics.

Finally, click Authorize to authorize the integration using your BambooHR login credentials.

Once authorized, the integration between Teamatics and BambooHR will begin to pull your teams, jobs and team members from BambooHR into Teamatics. It will also use the job hierarchy in BambooHR to create an initial draft of career paths in Teamatics.

This initial synch will typically take between 5-15 minutes to complete. It will then synch daily (or on demand by clicking Manual Sync at any time).