The greatest value is gained from Teamatics when skill proficiency requirements for each job are defined. This enables team members to see how their strengths, interests and passions align with the needs of their current job as well as other jobs of interest within the organization. By understanding their alignment with jobs, team members and their managers can identify the specific skills for which a focus on developing proficiency will best enable the individual to be more successful in their current job while setting themselves up for further advancement within the organization.

The challenge, however, is defining the skill proficiency requirements for each job. This takes an investment of time.

To address that challenge, we've created the Skill Wizard. The Skill Wizard allows you to crowd-source the requirements for each job from the people that know it the best -- those that are currently in the job, manage it, work with it, etc.

For each job, there are three steps you take with the Skill Wizard.

First, optionally, you enter the job description. This provides clarity for the team members you select in the next step on the formal responsibilities and requirements of the job.

Second, you select the team members from whom you wish to crowd-source the skill proficiency insights related to the job. Each of these individuals will receive an email that will take them to a survey. By default, the survey will include all of the skills in your organization that have been defined as Innate Talents. These are the "soft skills" like Adaptability, Communication, Decision Making, Empathy, Leadership, etc., that can be relevant for any job. Individuals completing the survey are also able to add additional skills (e.g., Learned Skills or "hard skills" like Budgeting, Data Mining, Project Management, etc.) that they believe are relevant for the job. For each of these skills, they then select the proficiency level that from their perspective is required for the job.

Third, as the crowd-sourced input is gathered via the surveys, you can see the resulting recommendations and determine which skills to add to the job as a requirement and at which proficiency level.

To get started with the Skill Wizard for a job, click on Jobs in the left navigation menu. On the Jobs page, locate the job for which you wish to use the Skill Wizard and click on the name of the job. Next, click the gray W icon on the top right of the page to start the Skill Wizard.