You have the option to create custom definitions for each Skill Proficiency Level for every Skill you add to Teamatics. If you choose not to create a custom definition, we will automatically show the following definitions. Note, that the definitions differ based on the Skill Type (Learned Skill vs. Innate Talent vs. Value):

Learned Skill Definitions

  • Beginner: Having an understanding of basic techniques and concepts associated with this skill and able to perform some basic elements of the skill without assistance.
  • Intermediate: Able to successfully complete tasks utilizing this skill independently with occasional assistance from an expert.
  • Advanced: Able to perform the vast majority of actions associated with this skill quickly and without assistance. Recognized as a resource to utilize when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.
  • Expert: Known as an expert in this area. Can provide guidance, troubleshoot and answer questions related to this area of expertise and the field where the skill is used.

Innate Talent Definitions

  • Fair: Being naturally uncomfortable or inexperienced in this area. Hesitant to participate in or may avoid related activities and responsibilities.
  • Good: Being somewhat comfortable and/or confident in this area. Able to overcome any discomfort or uncertainty with practice and thought. Open to participating in related activities or developing associated responsibilities.
  • Very Good: Being naturally comfortable in this area and able to generally act with confidence without requiring too much thought. Eager to participate in related activities or take on new responsibilities.
  • Excellent: Being completely and naturally comfortable in this area. Seeks out related activities/responsibilities and acts on opportunities.

Value Definitions

  • Fair: Occasionally exhibits this value.
  • Good: Frequently exhibits this value.
  • Very Good: Very frequently exhibits this value.
  • Excellent: Always exhibits this value.