When getting started with Teamatics, there are a variety of ways to help setup the key elements (Skills, Certifications, Team Members, Teams, Jobs, Paths):

  1. Utilizing our BambooHR integration will automatically populate (and synch) team members, teams, and jobs and assign team members to their appropriate teams and jobs. It will also use the hierarchy of jobs in BambooHR to define access rights (so managers, directors and leadership see the details tor their teams and team members).
  2. Send us a list of your skills (and/or team members, team, jobs, skill proficiency requirements for jobs, certifications, etc.) and we'll import it into Teamatics for you, saving you the hassle of entering these yourself.

With at least skills and team members entered, you can go to the Settings page for your company and initiate the Team Member Assessment Notifications to send emails inviting your team members to complete their skill assessments.

As this data is collected, Teamatics begins to really come alive, showing who can do what, where there are passions and interests for development, and, if you've defined skill proficiency requirements for jobs, how team members fit in their jobs and career paths, where there are skill gaps, who does what best, and more.