By default, management of team members is enabled for administrators, allowing them to add, update, delete, and assign team members. However, when utilizing an integration that keeps team members in synch with another platform, you may choose to disable editing of team members within Teamatics.

Additionally, by default, managers are unable to make any changes, whether to team members, skills, jobs, paths, etc.

You can control both of these options, which work together to determine who can edit which data.

To modify data editing rights, click on Settings in the left navigation menu. On the Settings page, scroll down to the Data Editing Rights section.

Select whether or not you wish to disable management of team members within the Teamatics interface (relying just on an integration to synch changes).

Select whether or not you wish for managers to be able to make changes (to team members, skills, jobs, paths, etc.).

Click Update to modify the data editing rights.