To modify a development goal for a team member, click on Team Members in the left navigation menu. On the Team Members page, locate the team member for whom you wish to modify a development goal and click on the individual's name.

By default, the Skills tab is selected. Click on the Goals tab to display the skills and certifications that are currently development goals and that are suggestions for goals.

Skills and certifications will appear on this page if the team member has specified that they wish to develop the skill or obtain the certification. Skills and certifications that are gaps in their current job or gaps in jobs the team member is interested in will also appear.

Locate the skill or certification for which you wish to modify a development goal and click the green settings icon in the Add/Edit column.

Update any of the following information about the goal:

  • Objective to achieve with goal (optional) - Details on the objective of the goal and how it will be achieved.
  • Target date to achieve goal (optional) - The target date for completion of the goal.
Click Save to modify the development goal.