The purpose of the Competency Framework Import Template is to populate Teamatics with the Skills, Teams, Jobs, Certifications and Team Members of your organization. We are improving our import template to include templates from several organizations that are partnering with Teamatics.

Skills Tab

You can group your skills into broader Capabilities in Column A of the Skills tab. We recommend no more than 20-25 skills in a Capability/Group. Note that we will assess the overall capability as well. For example, in the template, Customer Focus as a capability would be assessed in addition to each of the skills associated with it (e.g., Communication, Empath, Follow Through, etc.). You are not required to group skills, so if you have individual skills that don’t relate to a broader capability for which you want a high-level proficiency understanding, there is no need to enter a capability/group for the skill.

  1. Skills are in Column B and must be unique.
  2. For each skill, select whether the Type is a “Learned Skill”, “Innate Talent” or “Value” in Column C.
  3. If you want to assess everyone in the organization, across all teams and roles, choose “Yes” in Column D. If blank, we assume “No”.
  4. If you choose “Yes” to assess everyone, indicate in column E the minimum proficiency level you want across all team members. We do see some organizations who want to simply assess a larger list of Learned Skills across everyone so you can enter a “0” for the level to indicate that there is no minimum requirement in that case. If you do want to indicate a minimum proficiency level use: 1 = Beginner/Fair, 2 = Intermediate/Good, 3 = Advanced/Very Good, 4 = Expert/Excellent.
  5. You can optionally define the skill and each proficiency level in your own organizational words in Columns G through L. If you do not add custom proficiency level definitions, we have standard definitions for each Skill Type. This standard definitions can be found in this article.
  6. Creating Teams and Jobs is optional in Teamatics and can be done at a later time. If you choose not to create teams and jobs, then each skill must be assessed by the entire company. If you are using an HRIS Integration, such as BambooHR or Bob, your teams and jobs must exactly match those that are synched from the HRIS.
  7. Starting at cell M5 in the Skills tab, you can see the format we are using for teams and jobs. Darker columns indicate the team, and lighter columns after each team indicate the jobs. Add or remove columns as needed so that your org chart is represented in this section.
  8. Once you have your org chart complete, indicate for each job the optimal proficiency level for the corresponding skill in column B. If a skill isn’t required, simply leave the cell blank. Ultimately this section reflects your organizational design (competency framework). You can see the specific proficiency level of every Innate Talent and Learned Skill for each role in the organization.

Certifications Tab

On the Certifications tab, simply paste in the Org Chart from the Skills tab (Cell M5 to the right). You can then populate the fields as follows.
  1. You can optionally Group Certifications in column A.
  2. Column B is the Certification Name and must be unique.
  3. Column C is also optional and indicates the Provider or Vendor for the certification.
  4. If you want to assess everyone in the organization, across all teams and jobs, choose “Yes” in Column D. If blank, we assume “No”.
  5. The next 4 fields, columns E-H indicate if you want to show that field for each certification. If blank, we assume “No”.
  6. In column I you can optionally provide a definition of the certification.
  7. Under the Org Chart (which you pasted in above) simply add an “r” in any cell to indicate a Certification is required for a specific job, or an “s” to indicate a Certification is suggested for a job. Note, a Certification does not need to be required or recommended for any job to be listed and utilized in Teamatics.

Team Members Tab

Note: If you are using an HRIS Integration, such as BambooHR or Bob, please do not fill out this section. Our integration will populate all of this data automatically.

On the Team Members tab, simply paste in the Org Chart from the Skills tab (Cell M5 to the right). You can then paste your list of employees and simply put an X in the cell that represents the job(s) they hold and the team(s) they are assigned to (an individual can hold multiple roles and belong to multiple teams).