To search for team members with specific skills and/or certifications, click on Team Members in the left navigation menu. On the Team Members page, click the Advanced Search button.

On the Advanced Search page, you can enter one or more criteria to use to search for team members. You can select whether to search for team members with a specific proficiency in a skill, that wish to develop the skill, that possess a certification, etc. Just select the criteria you wish to search for and the name of the skill or certification.

To add multiple search criteria, click the green + icon.

When using multiple search criteria, be sure to specify whether you want to find team members that match all of the criteria or that match any of the criteria.

Once you've entered your criteria, click the Apply Search button. You will be returned to the Team Members page but only those team members that match your search criteria will be displayed.

While the search is active, the Advanced Search button on the Team Members page will turn yellow and read Advanced Search in Place. You can click on the button again to modify your search criteria or hit Clear Search to remove the search criteria.