With our BambooHR integration, each of your team members is also able to seamlessly single sign-on (SSO) from BambooHR into Teamatics to set and track their development goals, maintain their skill profile, identify areas of passion and/or ones they wish to develop, see areas in which they can improve and grow in their current job, and discover other opportunities for growth within your organization.

To set up SSO with BambooHR, first establish the integration with BambooHR. Once that is complete, click on Settings in the left navigation menu. On the Settings page, scroll down to the BambooHR Integration section.

In the help text, your SSO link for BambooHR will be provided (e.g., https://app.teamatics.com/authenticateBamboo?domain=abccorp). Copy that link.

Next, log into BambooHR and on the Home page scroll down to the Company Links section. Click Manage and then click Add Link. For the new link, enter "Teamatics" as the Link Name/Title and paste the SSO link from Teamatics as the Link URL. Click Save.

An SSO link to Teamatics will now appear in the Company Links section of BambooHR. Whenever one of your team members logs into BambooHR and clicks the link, they will automatically be taken into their profile, with appropriate access rights, in Teamatics.