Email notifications are automatically sent to team members that have skills that require assessment. Initially, notifications are disabled, allowing you to set up your general skill requirements and/or proficiency requirements for specific jobs.

You can then enable notifications for a subset of your company, testing first with yourself and other administrators, then with managers (if you choose) before rolling out to specific teams (if you choose) and finally to all team members and, eventually, candidates.

To modify assessment notification settings, click on Settings in the left navigation menu. On the Settings page, scroll down to the Team Member Assessment Notifications section.

Select whether assessment notifications should be disabled or whether they should be enabled for a specific group of users (e.g., administrators only, administrators and managers, etc.) and, optionally, teams.

Select whether or not these assessment notification settings should be applied to all teams (box unchecked) or should be enabled for specific teams ("team-by-team roll-out") and disabled for other teams (box checked). When selected, only teams that have Team Member Assessment Notifications enabled in their team settings page will receive the notifications for the groups of users specified here.

Click Update to modify the team member assessment notification settings.