To use the Skill Wizard to crowd-source skill proficiency requirements for a job, click on Jobs in the left navigation menu. On the Jobs page, locate the job for which you wish to use the Skill Wizard and click on the name of the job. Next, click the gray W icon on the top right of the page to start the Skill Wizard.

On the first step (Job Description) tab, you have the option of entering or updating the current job description for the job. We recommend that you include the job description so team members providing input on the skill proficiency requirements of a job have clarity into the job's responsibilities and requirements. Click the Save button to save any changes made. 

Next, click the second step (Contributors) tab to continue the Skill Wizard. 

In the top Add Contributors section, select the name of the Team and Contributor(s) from the team from whom you wish to solicit input. You can choose to survey All team members or specific individuals. Click the green + icon to solicit input from additional teams/contributors and click the Send Request button when finished. 

Each individual selected as a contributor will receive an email that will take them to a survey. By default, the survey will include all of the skills in your organization that have been defined as Innate Talents. These are the "soft skills" like Adaptability, Communication, Decision Making, Empathy, Leadership, etc., that can be relevant for any job. Individuals completing the survey are also able to add additional skills (e.g., Learned Skills or "hard skills" like Budgeting, Data Mining, Project Management, etc.) that they believe are relevant for the job. For each of these skills, they then select the proficiency level that from their perspective is required for the job.

In the bottom List of Contributors section of the second step (Contributors) tab, you will see each of the individuals from whom input has been requested, the date the email request was sent, and a status of whether or not they have responded. You can also resend a request.

Finally, click the third step (Results) tab to finish the Skill Wizard. The Results page will show an aggregation of all of the input received from the contributors. Each skill will be listed once, with a suggested proficiency level based upon the aggregated responses, and the names of each of the individuals that provided input will be displayed.

Click the green icon in the Add to Job column to set the proficiency level (to either what is suggested or what you choose) and click Add Skill to add the skill as a requirement for the job.

Click the gray icon in the Ignore column to mark that the skill should not be added as a requirement for the job.